What is the e-Balík application?

The e-Balík portal is used primarily by occasional senders and private individuals, allowing them to arrange online for parcels to be sent within the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

What services does the e-Balík application offer?

Services included in the basic freight price:

Insurance up to CZK 6,000
FlexDelivery Service (within the Czech Republic)
        - notification of delivery via e-mail, including the expected time window for the delivery
        - ability to control the delivery process via the online DeliveryManager application which offers a choice of many options of changes simply by               clicking a link in the e-mail notifying the delivery of the parcel.

Additional services (within the Czech Republic) – available only for registered users:

Cash on delivery (max. CZK 60,000)
         the COD amount is credited to the sender's account within 10 days from the delivery and collection

FlexDelivery SMS service
         is the FlexDelivery Service improved by sending an SMS message to the recipient

Extra insurance up to CZK 20,000

Method of parcel handover and payment:

Handover method – Pickup by driver
Handover method – ParcelShop

Payment in cash* (payment can also be carried out by card via the payment terminal)
Online Payment (payment via the GoPay payment gateway)

* The "Payment in cash" service cannot be combined with the "Handover method – ParcelShop" service.

Examples of services that are not available: Pallet transport, fragile items, „do not tilt“ items, parcel exchange, free return to sender, delivery and collection of parcels at weekends and public holidays.

Do I need to register to send a parcel? What are the benefits of registering?

A parcel can be sent without registration, but some features, such as additional services, recipient directory, shipping overview, ordering multiple items, etc., are available only after registering and logging.

You do not have to enter any information other than the details you enter as a sender (name, surname, address, phone and e-mail address). After performing this information and choosing your password, your account is ready for any multiple use.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the link below and fill in your e-mail address. After you submit it, a new password will be sent to the email address provided; this password must be changed during the first login.

Password change link: https://www.e-balik.cz/en/sign-customer/forgottenpass

How much does it cost to send a parcel?

Shipping prices are determined according to the country of destination, weight and size of the package. The size class is defined as the longest side + the shortest side of the parcel.

GLS distinguishes between the following size classes (categories):

  • Size XS
  • Size S
  • Size M
  • Size L
  • Size XL

Here you will find a price list of services and a list of all countries to which parcels can be sent.

What standard transport times does GLS offer?

Standard delivery times are based on the date of handing the parcel over for transport which, however, is not included in the approximate time of transport. Within the Czech Republic, the standard delivery time is the next working day after handover. GLS only delivers parcels on working days during normal business hours.

Here you will find a price list of services and a list of all countries to which parcels can be sent

Notice: Any order sent after 6 pm of the last working day of the week, and at weekends or holidays, will not be processed until the next working day, so the collection will take place on the second working day after its posting.

Is it possible to have a parcel collected today?

Pick up by driver is no longer possible, but if you choose the option of a parcel handover at a GLS ParcelShop, it is possible to hand over a parcel at any GLS depot every weekday until 5 pm.

You can find the depot finder here: https://gls-group.eu/CZ/cs/gls-depo

Is it possible to enter a multiple-item order?

In order to send multiple shipments within a single order, you must register and log in. You can then enter a multiple shipment request (up to a total freight charge of CZK 10,000).

Then it is possible to use, for example, the directory function or the duplicate parcel function without having to provide the dimensions or the recipient address repeatedly.

How big and heavy can my parcel be?

Sending from a GLS ParcelShop:
Maximum allowed weight = 15 kg
Maximum allowed circumference length*= 300 cm

Maximum allowed height = 60 cm
Maximum allowed width = 80 cm
Maximum allowed length = 100 cm

Parcel picked up by a driver:
Maximum allowed weight = 40 kg
Maximum allowed circumference length*= 300 cm

Maximum allowed height = 60 cm
Maximum allowed width = 80 cm
Maximum allowed length = 200 cm

* Calculation of the maximum allowed circumference length = (2x height + 2x width + 1x length)

Notice: A package which does not meet any of the above cannot be posted.

What are the packaging requirements?

Each parcel must, in addition to the size and weight requirements, also meet the requirements for proper packaging. You can find a list of tips and guidance for packaging here.

Is it possible to have a parcel collected from abroad and delivered to the Czech Republic?

No, import shipments are not available via the e-Balík application. It is only possible to order domestic or export shipment.

Where is my parcel now?

You can track your parcel online on the GLS website after entering the parcel number: https://online.gls-czech.com/tt_page.php

For further information on delivery, please contact our customer support at 567 771 111, or email info@gls-czech.com.