Your most frequently asked questions in one place

What is e-Balik?

The e-Balik web portal is used for simple and fast ordering of domestic and export parcel transport, including basic additional services.

What services are available in e-Balik?

Services included in the basic freight price:

Automatic insurance up to CZK 6,000

FlexDelivery Service (within the Czech Republic)

- delivery notification including the expected time window via e-mail
- the ability to control the delivery process via the DeliveryManager online application, which offers a choice of many variations simply by clicking on the link in the e-mail announcing parcel delivery.

Additional services (within the Czech Republic):

Cash on delivery (max. CZK 60,000)

- the COD amount is transferred to the sender's account within 10 days from delivery and collection

FlexDelivery SMS service

- extension of the FlexDelivery Service by sending SMS messages to the recipient

Additional insurance up to CZK 20,000

ParcelShop Delivery service - parcel delivery to the recipient to the Drop Off point GLS within the Czech Republic

What does the ParcelShop Delivery service offer?

This is parcel delivery to a GLS Drop Off point within the Czech Republic. If you agree with the recipient on parcel collection in the nearest Drop Off point GLS, just select the Drop Off point on the map and confirm it in the transport order.

How to choose the right Drop Off point for parcel delivery to the drop-off point?

  1. If you know a Drop Off point in the delivery location, just search for it in the editor under the mentioned service, and the address will be automatically filled in to the recipient window.
  2. If you do not know where the nearest Drop Off point is and you want to search for it on the map, please click the "find on the map" button and select your Drop Off point in that location. Again, the address is filled in to the recipient window.

After selecting the Drop Off point, just fill in the contact details of the client (Name, Surname, Phone + Email).

Method of pick-up and payment.

Pick-up method:

  1. Pick-up by driver
  2. Handover via a GLS Drop Off point

Payment method:

  1. Online payment (payment via GoPay payment gateway)
  2. Payment via credits recharged onto your account

Examples of services we do not offer: pallet transport, fragile items, this-side-up items, parcel exchange service, free return to the sender, parcel delivery and collection at weekends and on public holidays.

Do I have to register to send a parcel? What are registration benefits?

The parcel can be sent without registration; but some functions such as additional services, recipients’ address book, shipment overview, shipment, use of the credit system, etc. are available only after registration and login.

You can register as a natural or legal person (company). To register as a "natural person", you do not need to enter any data other than the ones you enter as a sender (name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address). If you register as a "company", enter your ID number and have the information about your company retrieved from ARES.

After filling in the necessary information and choosing a password, your account is ready for reuse. The selected email is also a login name (the name to log in to your account).

What shall I do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the link below and fill in your e-mail address. After entering it, a newly generated password will be sent to the e-mail address provided; the password has to be changed during the first login.

The link to change the password can be found here.

How much does it cost to send a parcel?

Transport fees are calculated according to the destination country, parcel weight and size. The size category is defined as the longest side + shortest side of the parcel.

GLS distinguishes the following size categories:

  • Size XS
  • Size S
  • Size M
  • Size L
  • Size XL

Here you will find a price list of services and a list of all countries to which parcels can be sent.

What standard transit times does GLS offer?

Standard transit times start on the day the parcel is handed over for transport; the hand-over day, however, is not included in the approximate transit time. Within the Czech Republic, the standard transit time is the next working day after the hand-over day. GLS delivers parcels exclusively on working days during usual working hours.

Here you will find a clear price list of services and a list of all countries to which the parcel can be sent.

NOTICE: Each order sent after 7 pm on the last working day of the week, then at the weekend or on holiday, will not be processed until the next working day; so the collection will take place on the second working day after its sending.

Is it possible to pick up the parcel today?

Pick-up by a driver is no longer possible; but if you choose to hand a parcel over via a GLS Drop Off point, it is possible to hand a parcel over at any GLS depot every weekday by 5:00 p.m.

The GLS Drop Off point search engine is available here.

The depot search engine is available here.

Is it possible to place a multi-piece order and what about the courier pick-up fee?

To be able to send a larger number of parcels under one order, you have to register and log in. You can then enter a transport request for more parcels, a shipment request (up to a maximum total transport fee of CZK 10,000). 

The courier will bring you labels and stick them on the package.

The courier pick-up service is charged for the entire order, not for the number of packages. We recommend you to choose a method of delivery by courier only when you have the last package available on the given day.

In case next working day pick-up is requested, please place your order before 7 p.m.

For quick entry of the shipping order, it is possible to use the functions of an address book or shipment duplication without the need to re-fill in the parcel size or the recipient's address.

How big and heavy can my parcel be?

Shipping from GLS Drop Off point:
maximum permitted weight = 10 kg
maximum permitted circumferential length * = 300 cm

maximum permitted height = 60 cm
maximum permitted width = 80 cm
maximum permitted length = 100 cm

Picking up the parcel by a driver:
maximum permitted weight = 31,5 kg
maximum permitted circumferential length * = 300 cm

maximum permitted height = 60 cm
maximum permitted width = 80 cm
maximum permitted length = 200 cm

* Calculation of the maximum permitted circumferential length = (2x height + 2x width + 1x length)

NOTICE: A parcel not meeting any of the above mentioned points is not allowed to be shipped.

Where can I print the label?

After sending the transport order, you will receive an attachment to the e-mail address entered during your registration; there you will find separately:

  1. Labels in A4 format 2x2 - max. 4 labels on a page
  2. Recapitulation of the transport order
  3. A receipt

To print shipping labels, now you need to print the page with labels only.

What benefits does the Credit System bring me?

If you are a business entity with an ID number and a registered client on the e-Balik portal, we recommend using the Credit System serving as a means of payment (wallet) in the e-Balik application. You can charge your credit either with an online payment card or by bank transfer. The discount system associated with the use of the Credit System follows the rule: "The more parcels you send, the less you pay for a single parcel." You can find an overview of credit spending / returning on page 2 of the price offer here.

What are the packaging requirements?

In addition to size and weight requirements, each parcel has to meet the requirements for proper packaging. An overview of packaging advice and tips can be found here.

Is collection from abroad and delivery to the Czech Republic possible?

No, import transport cannot be provided via the e-Balik application. It is possible to order only domestic or export transport.

Where is my parcel?

You can track your parcel online on the GLS website after entering the parcel number here.

For more information on the delivery process, contact our customer support 567 771 111 or send an e-mail to info@gls-czech.com.

I have a different loading address than the billing one.

If you are a registered client and have a different loading address than the billing address, you can add a new pickup address to the address book in the section My account - Addresses - Add address. You can, then, select this address in the section My account - Settings - Select the loading address from the address book. When placing a new order, the selected address will be automatically displayed in the Sender window.

Is it possible to import addresses / contacts in a CSV format?

Yes, you can import not only bulk shipments for transport, but also addresses and contacts in a CSV format. In the section My account - Addresses - Import addresses, insert the CSV file with the database of your contacts.