Pre-contractual information for consumers

Pursuant to the provisions of § 1811, § 1820 and § 1826 of the Civil Code (hereinafter the „Civil Code“) for the online sale of forwarding services

1. Under the provisions of § 1811 of the Civil Code, the business is a trading company with the name General Logistics Systems Czech Republic s.r.o. commercial corporation (hereinafter „GLS“), with its registered office at Průmyslová 5619/1, 586 01 Jihlava, e-mail:, telephone: + 420 840 123 456, fax +420 567 771 199.

2. GLS offers a complete forwarding service for occasional customers under the name of „e-Balík“ which involves in particular online order of parcel collection, independent creation of the address label on its packaging and having the parcel collected by a GLS courier, or submitting it personally for shipment at GLS Drop-off points and the obligation to pay the freight charge.

3. Technical steps leading to the conclusion of the Contract:

3.1. Configuring the Parcel (creating an order) • Specify the destination country

  • Specify the package dimensions, specify the contact details and identify the sender
  • Enter the contact details and the Recipient identification (can be selected from a saved directory)
  • Select additional services (e.g. COD) • Confirm the entered data by clicking the „Add to Cart“ button

3.2. Completing the order in the cart (selecting a method of handing over the Parcel and a method of payment)

  • The parcel will be handed over in GLS Drop-off points, the payment can be made online or by pre-loaded credit
  • Collection at the sender‘s address can be ordered at a surcharge, the payment can be made online or by pre-loaded credit
  • Select the collection date

3.3. Sending the order

  • Submit the consent with the GLS Business Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Confirm you have been informed on the possibility of a withdrawal from the Contract and submit the request for GLS service initiation before the end of the Contract withdrawal period
  • The services are ordered by clicking the „Order the Forwarding“ button

3.4. Online payment of freight charge

  • Go to the payment gateway
  • Select a method of payment (enter your PayPal account no. or payment card details)
  • Confirm the payment; the address label and invoice will be sent to the sender‘s e-mail address
  • Print the address label with the unique barcode and apply it onto the Parcel
  • Hand over the parcel in any of the GLS ParcelShops or wait for the ordered collection

3.5. Payment by pre-loaded credit

  • Confirmation of the order will be sent to the sender‘s e-mail address
  • A business entity with an ID number and a registered client of e-Balík can use the Credit System and top up their credit either online or by bank transfer

3.6. The order is accepted by GLS when the payment is successfully completed online or, in the case of cash payment, when it is collected at the sender‘s address.

4. For the prices of services, visit

These prices are final, including all taxes and fees. Payment for forwarding services is payable immediately upon ordering.

For sending Parcels abroad, the price does not include fees, taxes, duties and similar mandatory payments which are payable by the sender and/or by the addressee according to legislation applicable in the destination country.

5. Method of payment: Freight charge can be paid either in cash directly to the GLS courier upon the collection of a Parcel for shipment or before the order is completed via the payment gateway (e.g. using a credit card).

6. Method of performance: When a binding order is sent by the Consumer, the Parcel is collected by a GLS courier or consigned by the consumer, and the parcel is delivered to the address entered by the Consumer. At the Czech Republic territory, Parcels are usually delivered on the next working day. For standard shipping times outside the Czech Republic, visit These times are typical times (for information only), however, they are not guaranteed and can be longer.

Costs of the service provision are included in the price.

7. Rights and obligations regarding the rights of defective performance are governed by generally binding regulations, in particular by the provisions of § 1914 to 1925 of the Civil Code. The procedure for exercising and enforcing the consumer rights with regard to defective performance shall be governed by the relevant generally binding legislation, particularly the provisions of the Civil Code and the Consumer Protection Act.

The Consumer claims a defect by sending a written notification to the Forwarder to the address: General Logistics Systems Czech Republic s.r.o., Průmyslová 5619/1, 586 01 Jihlava, to the e-mail address:, or via fax to: +420 567 771 199 without undue delay after the defect could be identified. The defect can be complained about no later than six (6) months from the completion of delivery of the Parcel. First sentence of the notice shall contain identification of the Parcel which is subject to the right of defective performance, decisive facts for exercising the right of defective performance and the exercised right of defective performance.

Consumers have the following rights regarding defective performance:

  • The right to require the forwarder to carry out or provide the shipment of the Parcel duly and in accordance with the Contract within a reasonable additional period determined by the Consumer for the Forwarder;
  • The right to demand a reasonable discount on the price; and
  • The right to withdraw from the Contract if the defect entails a material breach thereof;

The Consumer‘s right regarding the defective performance does not void their right to the damage compensation; however, what can be achieved by applying the right regarding the defective performance can not be claimed for any other legal reasons.

8. Consumer contract is concluded as a one-off Contract and therefore it is not concluded for an indefinite time period. GLS does not conclude contracts for repeated performance.

9. Information on digital content usability, including technical protective measures: digital content is usable provided that compatible and updated systems are used. The Consumer must order the service via the e-Balík web application and must be connected to the public Internet network during sending an order.

10. Information on digital content interoperability with hardware and software: digital content provided through the connection to a public communications network requires the IPv4 protocol compatible HW and SW.

11. The cost of means of remote communication does not differ from the basic rate (for the Internet and telephone connection according to the terms and conditions of the Consumer‘s operator) and GLS does not charge any additional fees.

12. GLS requires payment of the service price prior to the collection of the Parcel for shipment.

13. You have the right to withdraw from the Contract within 14 days of the contract conclusion, without giving any reason. For the purpose of exercising the right of withdrawal from the Contract, the Consumer must inform on their withdrawal from the contract General Logistics Systems Czech republic s.r.o., registered office at Průmyslová 5619/1, 586 01 Jihlava, e-mail:, in the form of a unilateral legal act, e.g. by a letter sent via a postal service provider or via e-mail. They can also use the template of Contract withdrawal form, however, this is not mandatory.

To comply with the Contract withdrawal period, sending the withdrawal from the contract before the expiry of the respective period is sufficient.

If the Consumer withdraws from the Contract, GLS shall, without any undue delay and not later than 14 days of the day of Contract withdrawal notice, return to the consumer all payments received by GLS from the consumer, except for additional costs incurred due to the service performance method selected by the Consumer, which is different from the cheapest method of standard service performance. For refunds, GLS uses the same payment instrument as the one used to execute the initial transaction, unless the Consumer expressly specifies otherwise. In the case of cash payment, GLS will credit the amount to the bank account provided by the Consumer. In this case, transaction fees for this payment will be charged.

If the Consumer requests that the provision of services be initiated during the withdrawal period, where this consent is granted automatically by sending the order, the Consumer will pay an amount commensurate with the extent of the services provided until GLS was informed of the withdrawal from the Contract, compared to the overall scope of the services specified in the contract.

The Consumer has no right to withdraw from the Service Contract if the service was provided (performed) with its prior explicit consent before expiration of the withdrawal period. The Consumer thus loses the right to withdraw from the Contract at the moment of delivery of the Parcel to the recipient.

14. The text of the GLS Contract is not stored and it will not be stored in the GLS documents. For this reason GLS will not allow the Consumer access.

15. The Contract can only be concluded in the Czech or English language.

16. Within the meaning of § 1826 (1) (e) of the Civil Code, the Client is bound by the GLS Group Compliance Code. Information on this Code is available at


In Jihlava on 5 April, 2016