Packing the parcel – what to be careful about when packing and preparing parcel for shipment.

  • Choose an appropriate thickness of the box with respect to the weight and character of the goods.
  • With already used carton, make sure that it is not damaged and it can withstand further transport.
  • Separate individual items one from another by using some insulation material (e.g. bubble wrap).
  • Choose appropriate inner material and use it to fill in the remaining space in the box.
  • Seal your parcel carefully with an adhesive tape in the H shape.
  • For higher security to prevent the parcel from any intrusion by the third party, use the corporate or security adhesive tape. 
  • Harden the deformation zones of the parcel (corners and edges).
  • For small parcels, use a good safety envelope.
  • Remove all old labels from the parcel.
  • Stick the shipping label always on the largest side of the parcel.