Date Title
24/10/2021 Extending the time for placing your order more
11/10/2021 Weight limit reduction up to 31.5 kg more
01/09/2021 New price list with discounted service ParcelShopDelivery with a discount of CZK 15 and a new possibility of COD to Slovakia for registered clients more
02/08/2021 Newly package with cash on delivery to Slovakia more
21/06/2021 Expanding the possibilities of the payment gateway more
15/05/2021 New form of labels in A4 2x2 format for 1-parcel orders more
12/05/2021 A feature enabling to search for a tax payment receipt in the menu section My account - Orders more
01/04/2021 New pricing terms and conditions since 1st April 2021 more
11/03/2021 Current FAQ more
19/12/2020 Address labels in A4 2x2 format will now be displayed on page one of the attachment confirming your more
25/10/2020 Import of contacts / addresses via a CSV file more
12/06/2020 Mail address autocomplete more