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Do you handle parcels regularly? Use e-Balík PROFI and get the cheapest transport for your packages and bonuses for each shipment. Invest in your business, not sending packages.

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Beginning entrepreneurs in e-commerce

Are you starting a business and sending just a few packages? We have professional transportation solutions for you that will grow with your business.

Well established e-shops

Do you want to test the quality of GLS transport services at home or abroad without obligation? Do you need to diversify logistics quickly? The e-Balík PROFI meets the requirements of even the most demanding senders.

Traditionals companies

Does your business use parcel transport only occasionally? With the e-Balík PROFI, you can easily and quickly check in any number of packages.

How does the
e-Balík PROFI work?

Focus on your business, leave the packages to us.

1. Register

GLS e-Balík

Sign up for free! Enter your ID number when registering and have invoices automatically generated in your accounting.

2. Recharge your credits

GLS e-Balík

Add credits to your new account so you don't have to enter credit card information for every payment.

3. Import contacts

GLS e-Balík

Create your own address books or upload your address data in bulk using CSV.

4. Use credits

GLS e-Balík

Pay for shipping with credits and get bonus credits at the end of each month.

5. Hand over the GLS packages

GLS e-Balík

Take your packages to any GLS Drop Off points or order a pick-up by courier at your address.

6. GLS will take care of the rest

GLS e-Balík

We will reliably deliver your shipments and arrange additional insurance for you of up to 20 000 CZK.

The more you send, the more you save!

Invest in your business, not sending packages. Pay with your credits when sending packages and get bonus credits uploaded back to your account at the end of each month. The more credits you spend per month, the more you will get back.

GLS e-Balík GLS e-Balík

When paying with credits, you will receive a volume discount at the end of each month by adding bonus credits to your account, thus saving on shipping.

How does it work in practice?

The sender, for example, sends 65 packages with an average weight of 3 kg per month, which they submit in the GLS Drop Off points. They will use up 5 133 credits and, according to the automatic discount system, 500 credits will be returned to their account. Therefore, they will use only 4 633 credits for transportation and the original price of 79 CZK / package will be reduced by 10,1 % to 71 CZK.

Deliver your packages
across Europe

Try our reliable international transport with GLS and send your packages safely and quickly across Europe.

GLS e-Balík

We transport shipments within a single European GLS network. Your package number will be the same throughout the delivery.

GLS e-Balík

Depending on the transport distance, we will deliver your shipment within as early as two days.

GLS e-Balík

Track your shipment in real time using the Track & Trace service.

GLS e-Balík

Your shipment is automatically insured to the amount of 20 000 CZK. You don't have to pay extra for additional insurance.

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Weight and size restictions

In order to ensure fast and cost-effective parcel transportation across the Czech Republic and Europe, all shipments in the GLS network undergo automated sorting processes at depots and sorting centres. In order to ensure the smooth movement of parcels along the conveyor belts, parcels must not exceed the specified maximum dimensions and weight.

  • Height max. 60 cm
  • Length max. 200 cm
  • Width max. 80 cm
  • Circumference max. 300 cm
  • Weight max. 31,5 kg

For dispatch from Drop Off points, a length limit of 100 cm and a weight limit of 10 kg apply.

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Packaging tips

Correct parcel packing must match the characteristics, size, weight and durability of its content. This is the only way to ensure safe delivery of intact goods.

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Excluded goods

The following types of goods are excluded from transport via the GLS logistics network:

  • Unpacked or insufficiently packaged goods
  • Goods in wooden crates or on pallets
  • Tied parcels
  • Perishable goods, infectious or smelly
  • Human and animal remains
  • Live animals and plants
  • Consignments in bags or sacks
  • High value goods (cash, valuables, jewelry, etc.)
  • Works of art and objects of emotional value
  • Thermally unstable goods requiring a controlled temperature
  • Ammunition, firearms and explosives
  • Shipments addressed to P.O. recipient box

They trust us

Dozens of new companies leave their worries about packages up to us every month.
Join them and focus only on your business!

Veronika Švecová

eWoman 2020, e-shop

Can you briefly describe in your own words what you do?
As the co-owner of the Ganella e-shop, I oversee almost everything related to our e-shop.

How did you hear about e-Balík?
A bit unusually actually, it was thanks to a competition in which I won the service.

How important is the transport of packages for your business?
Absolutely crucial! Without reliable transport, our e-shop would not work.

How much money does e-Balík help you save?
The price of transport with e-Balík is set a bit higher compared to other carriers, but due to the first-class quality of services, customers prefer it.

What non-monetary benefits does the e-Balík bring you (comfort, speed, etc.)?
Definitely comfort and speed. The user interface of the service is very pleasant and well-organized, sending packages and subsequent billing is a complete breeze.

Can you briefly describe in your own words what you do?
We are a Czech family company that has been selling swimwear for 30 years. In recent years, we have added other fashion pieces to our production, thus significantly expanding the portfolio of our online e-shop.

Hana Hráčková


How did you hear about e-Balík?
Thanks to online advertising.

How important is the transport of packages for your business?
Very! That's why I'm very happy that I can always rely on e-Balík.

How much money does e-Balík help you save?
Thanks to cheaper transport, we can reduce the prices of our products and thus make them more attractive to our potential customers.

What non-monetary benefits does e-Balík bring you (comfort, speed, etc.)?
I have to say the reliability and speed of the delivery. GLS drivers and staff are very helpful, and thanks to their help, the sending process is always easy and fast.