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e-Balík will provide you with the most convenient and fast transport within Czech Republic and across Europe. Handle everything online from the comfort of your home or office.

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Why send via e-Balík and use the wide GLS Pick-up Point network?

Transparent and fair service. Don't wait for a courier. Find the nearest GLS Pick-up Point and send the parcel according to your time possibilities. Convince yourself of the simplicity and convenience of the e-Balík.

Complete price from 54 CZK

GLS e-Balík

Calculate the price in seconds according to the dimensions or weight of the package.

Delivery within 24 hours

GLS e-Balík

Lightning fast delivery – 24 hours within the Czech Republic, across Europe from 48 hours.

Handle everything online

GLS e-Balík

Enter online, pay online, pickup order online, watch online.

No waiting in line

GLS e-Balík

You can hand over the package to us at any GLS Drop Off point or have it picked up by our courier the very next day.

Where is the closest GLS Pick-up point?

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How to use e-Balík?

Sending packages has never been easier!

1. Select the price calculation method

GLS e-Balík

Light and big or heavy and small package? Choose the cheapest way of calculating the price!

2. Select the delivery method to the recipient

GLS e-Balík

You can send the package directly to the address with a guarantee of repeated delivery, or to any GLS Drop Off points for a lower price, where it will wait for 5 days to be picked up.

3. Hand over the GLS package

GLS e-Balík

Take advantage of the wide network of GLS Drop Off points or order pick-up by courier at any address. When you send several packages at once, you only pay the pick-up price once.

4. Pay by card

GLS e-Balík

You can pay your transport order online by card.

GLS will take care of the rest. You can find out where a package is by using the online package tracking service.

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Since 2015, more than 30,000 customers all across Europe have sent their packages with us.